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Queensgate Shopping Centre is participating in the national event Great Big Green Week and has transformed North Square into a vibrant green garden.

This immersive experience aims to educate and engage visitors on the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation.

On Saturday 17 June from 11am to 3pm, the garden will come alive with the enchanting 'Bug Bodyguards' experience. Participants will learn a variety of skills to become Bug Bodyguards themselves, actively protecting and preserving nature. The interactive activities include:

Flying like a butterfly, complete with wings

Crawling like a caterpillar through tunnels

Learning how to play dead, emulating bugs' defence mechanisms

Testing their sense of smell as ‘Food Scouts’

Observing ladybirds' reaction to aphid attacks

Emerging from darkness like a beetle

Understanding why hornets sting

Dancing like a honey bee to communicate with other bees

Mastering the art of jumping like a grasshopper

After completing the ‘Being a Bug & how it feels!’ journey, participants will face a quick fire question and answer session, testing their knowledge of bugs and their role in preserving the bug population. Successful participants will be officially declared Bug Bodyguards.

Children visiting Queensgate Shopping Centre during the event will have an additional adventure awaiting them. Nine bug images will be strategically placed in retailer windows throughout the centre. Children are encouraged to find all nine images, each concealing a special letter. Once they collect all the letters, they can complete an entry form and submit it in the post box located in North Square for a chance to win a bug-themed prize.

To further amplify the Great Big Green Week celebrations, a butterfly stilt walker will enchant visitors at regular intervals. Keep an eye out for this captivating performer, who will roam around the centre at 11.30am, 12.30pm, and 2pm.

Up The Garden Bath, renowned experts in horticulture, will curate a collection of stunning planters featuring various medicinal herbs. Each planter will be accompanied by an informative card detailing the healing properties of the herbs, offering visitors an educational experience.

Additionally, visitors are encouraged to relax in the serene garden space and participate in an exciting competition for a chance to win the entire garden. Up The Garden Bath has generously donated the prize, and their contribution will be acknowledged in all communications.

To enter the competition, you just need to take a selfie in the garden and share it on social media with the hashtag #QGGreenGarden. One lucky winner will be selected to take home the beautifully curated garden.

In the spirit of sustainability, Queensgate Shopping Centre has partnered with H&M and their recycling scheme. A purpose-built Clothing Donation Station will be available in North Square for visitors to donate any unwanted clothing. This initiative supports the aim of reducing textile waste and promotes a circular economy. Donated items will be repurposed or recycled by H&M, minimizing environmental impact.


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