ESP's food writer Kelly Jackson takes her four legged friend along in search of some tropical heaven in Fletton!

As any dog owner will know, finding a café or restaurant that welcomes our canine friends with open arms (or should that be paws) sometime feels like winning the lottery! Especially if said establishment throws open its doors inside and out to four-legged visitors.

I stumbled upon one such gem while walking along Fletton Avenue with my dog, Henry, on a rather warm spring afternoon. With its bright yellow fascia and palm trees and deck chairs beckoning at me from across the road, the Coffee Hive was like chancing upon a tropical mirage in the middle of Peterborough. The dog bowl on the outside decking was a pretty good sign that Henry would indeed be welcome.

Entering the Coffee Hive, we were met with admiring comments from a couple of fellow dog lovers drinking coffee on the sofas at the back. Henry led the way to the bar – as if he already knew the way! – and decided to investigate his surroundings while I ordered a cold drink and eyed the sweet treats next to the till (note: yes, I did end up buying one – a rather delicious Rocky Road slice).

The owner was very friendly, giving Henry an appreciative stroke as he attempted to go behind the bar. A lovely young helper also made sure the dog bowl outside was topped up with fresh water. My suggestion about having dog treats available to buy was met with wonder, so perhaps watch this space?

The smell of pizza wafted in the air as I tucked into my Rocky Road; on Fridays the Coffee Hive serves pizza from 5.30 – 9pm, with cocktails and other alcoholic beverages replacing coffee to tie in with its late closing of 11pm.

Coffee house by day, pizza house by Friday night! What more could you want?

The Coffee Hive in Fletton is open seven days a week: 9am – 4pm Monday – Thursday; 9am – 11pm Friday; 10am – 5pm Saturday; 10am - 3pm Sunday.

Kelly Jackson

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