Warwick Davis trends worldwide on Twitter after being crowned champion of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off…

Local celeb Warwick Davis has appeared in Hogwarts, Narnia, a galaxy far far away, and as of last night… the kitchen!

On Tuesday January 22, the Willow actor joined Duncan Bannatyne (Dragons Den) Andy Akinwolere (Blue Peter) and Simon Reeve (Indian Ocean) in The Great Comic Relief Bake Off on BBC 2. They were set three challenges by legendary cookery writer Mary Berry and acclaimed Master Baker Paul Hollywood.

Warwick revealed at the start of the show that he’d faced many challenges during his years in the entertainment industry, but none made him feel as nervous as this. But being crowned champion of the show, you can’t help but wonder if he was just being modest.

The Harry Potter star impressed from the start with his chocolate and orange iced biscuits, and his Bakewell tart gave us a further taste of his talents. But it was the lemon berry gateau that confirmed the man we know as a perfectionist on screen is also one in the kitchen.

“It was weird watching myself back on the tele,” Warwick told me. “It didn’t seem to come across but I was very stressed whilst filming. It’s so easy to go wrong when you’re baking. A little ingredient wrong here and there and everything can go wrong. I cook a lot at home with the family, but baking is very different to cooking.

“It’s amazing how competitive all of us celebs became. We all met and said we were just going to have a laugh and not take things too serious, but things changed as we started cooking. I remember thinking how I particularly didn’t want to get beaten by a dragon!”


My highlights of the show included Simon Reeve grating away at his burnt cake, Bannatyne’s flat sponge being compared to a French beret, and of course Warwick being crowned the champion.

The show was so popular that Warwick Davis was trending on Twitter worldwide. This was due to thousands of fans flocking to the website to offer words of support.

@rickygervais joked, “Well done @WarwickADavis on Great British Bake oOf. Brilliant! You knew you were making a cake and not a house to live in right? #massive

@laulau8 said, “@WarwickADavis thought you were great. A very measured and calm cook. Admirable and a well-deserved winner.”

Warwick (@WarwickADavis) even got involved himself by tweeting – “Thanks for all your congratulations. We were all Star Bakers for having a go… I just happened to be the best!”

And many posted about how they’d like to see him open his own bakery. As would I Warwick. I think there are a couple of empty spaces available in Queensgate if you’re interested.

warwick was delighted with his Twitter popularity – “The programme is so popular, I guess I was trending because on top of its popularity, I had my fab followers watching – who I like to call ‘Team Warwick’.

“Karl Pilkington isn’t on Twitter but I know he was tuned in because he text me. He wrote ‘I’m watching, but only to see what your kitchen looks like’. When we worked together on An Idiot Abroad 3 I was worried about becoming ill so was quite picky with my choice of food. He mentioned in the text ‘It’s good to see you eating something other than pizza for once’.”

2012 turned out to be an amazing year for Warwick. We’re sure this year will be just as wonderful for the pint sized celebrity, so keep checking ESP Magazine for updates.

One other thing that amused me was the way iPlayer illustrates the show with just a tuft of Warwick’s hair on view in the picture… it’s like something that would’ve happened to the star in his show with Ricky Gervais, Life’s Too Short… (see below).

Mikey Clarke

Photos: BBC the Great Comic Relief Bake Off



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