Vivacity’s Tremendous Tudors exhibition is now open at Peterborough Museum, featuring an array of rare and fascinating Tudor objects as well as stories of significant Tudor figures and their connection to Peterborough.

The exhibition’s opening coincides with the run up to the city’s annual Katharine of Aragon Festival (running until Sunday January 29) which is run jointly between Peterborough Cathedral and Vivacity  and commemorates the life and impact of Henry VIII’s first wife who was laid to rest in the Cathedral on 29 January 1536.

The exhibition, which runs until Sunday April 2, has a particular focus around the stories of Tudor Peterborough and the advances that were occurring during that time – not only in religion but in the arts, sciences, politics and fashion.


Vivacity are also very grateful to be able to display a number of Tudor scientific instruments which are on loan from the Whipple Museum of Science in Cambridge as well as fashion items from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge as well as Ely Museum.

Vivacity’s Heritage Programmes Manager Rachel Walmsley says of this exhibition: “Vivacity is proud to be presenting this exhibition as it is a great opportunity to learn more about the Tudors. The period is often remembered for Henry VIII and his wives but it was also a very significant period for exploration and change, such as the controversial realisation that the world is round and the discovery of new lands such as America.


“The Museum is a Tudor artefact in itself too with walls and windows of the original Tudor house visible in The Priestgate Vaults. Plus, with Peterborough’s links to Tudor royalty, it’s altogether a fascinating period to learn about.”

Accompanying the exhibition is a diverse program of events tailored to engage people of all different ages and backgrounds. For those looking for something to do with the family, At Home with the Tudors (Saturday January 28 – Sunday January 29) offers an opportunity to learn about Tudor medicine from a Barber Surgeon or find out about Tudor etiquette from a well-mannered lady before enjoying some craft activities.


For those looking for something more active, Dancing with the Tudors (Wednesday  February 8) offers the opportunity to try some genuine Tudor dances, joining in with the steps and taking in 16th Century music with an expert team of costumed dancers.

For more information on each of these events; including full dates, times and prices; simply head to vivacity-peterborough.com/Tudors.

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