A lot of support needed for Little Miracles…


Perhaps you’re yet to hear about this wonderful cause?

Little Miracles is a local charity that supports families that have children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions.

They offer everything from fun free play sessions at their centre (The Spinney – based at Hartwell Way, Peterborough), home education, outdoor days and activities (such as Disney and Legoland), counselling services, OT therapy and behavioural therapy for families in need. The list goes on!

Just like everyone else, the children of Little Miracles need a place to play, laugh and create friendships. The charity provides this whilst the families are able to access the advice, support and care that they deserve.


One of the most rewarding things about working for Little Miracles has been talking to the families to find out first-hand how the charity makes a huge difference to their lives. During my very first day in the job, I joined everyone at Bounce Trampoline Park – which the charity hires out every Monday night purely for the Little Miracles families. One parent told me, “My son loses his confidence in the school playground because he gets a lot of stares. He’s truly himself here because everyone is in the same boat. Nobody bats an eyelid regardless of whatever disability a child has.”

Another parent said, “We’re looking forward to going to the panto this Christmas. My family went with the charity last year. With Little Miracles filling out the entire seating area, nobody cared about disruptions. Everyone had a great time.”

All trips are paid for by the centre as well as transport to and from with just a small donation per family required. Fundraising is vital to the charity’s survival and to continue the great level of support that it provides to the families.


Little Miracles have lots planned this Christmas – including a coach trip to Winter Wonderland, the panto (for 680 people!), ice skating, festive craft making, baking, parties, etc. They’re also hoping to buy gifts for each of the children. The charity’s looking for donations to fund this and much, much more. It costs around £10 to pay for a Christmas present, £100 for a day’s Arts & Crafts with lunch, £500 to send 200 children ice skating and £5,440 to send 680 to the panto.

So, if you’d like to help in any way – perhaps you’d like to make them your ‘charity of the year’ in 2018 – please contact me on or call 07954 724031.

Mikey Clarke


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