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Street Dance fans are in for a nice treat this bank holiday weekend as dancers battle it out at the East Anglia Street Dance Championships being held at the Cresset in Bretton on Sunday May 1.


Now in its ninth year, this competition is firmly established as a must-attend event on every dancer’s calendar and showcases the richest dance talent and skills East Anglia has to offer.

You can watch in awe as cool movers and groovers take part in incredible dance-offs to compete for an array of medals and prizes.


Presented by Kevin Jackson and judged by former Britain’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance performers, you’ll see an electric display of breakdance, body popping, locking and hip hop from kids and adult crews.

Street dance originally evolved outside dance studios in urban spaces in the streets of Manhattan and the Bronx during the 70s, which I was lucky enough to witness on a trip to New York many moons ago.

It has since been developed as an improvised, social dance form which is a fantastic way of gaining focus, improving confidence and of course, it just looks really, really, cool!


Tickets are just £8.50 and are available at for this unique competition and we’d love to see your pictures of the event so please feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page and we’ll keep you all posted of similar cool events happening this summer in Peterborough.

Anna Ruggiero

Photos: DePhotos

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