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ESP's food writer Kelly Jackson heads to PizzaLuxe in Peterborough to try the perfect summer pairing.

You might not think of a service station as your first port of call for pizza, especially if you aren't stopping off to break up a long journey, but PizzaLuxe in Peterborough is a destination to head to out of town. I was pleased to head over myself when ESP was invited to sample PizzaLuxe’s new summer menu and cocktails.

The restaurant chain, which opened its doors at Peterborough Extra services off the A1 earlier this year, launched its ‘Perfect Pair’ menu recently. Diners can get their teeth into any 13-inch pizza and wash it down with a Double Dutch summer cocktail for just £15 for the duration of summer.

You can also choose a house salad if you prefer, but I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly opt for the leafy stuff over a pizza – or maybe that’s just me!

My partner decided to go for a beer, so I had his cocktail in order to better recommend to our readers the best tipples on the menu, of course. A Cucumber Collins (gin, Double Dutch Cucumber and watermelon, with lemon and lime) was incredibly refreshing on a hot summer’s day. If you like gin, this is a winner.

The menu has non-alcoholic cocktails too, for drivers or those who don’t drink. I can highly recommend the Bramble A.F (fresh blackberries and Double Dutch soda water). This fruity mocktail is delicious and goes down a treat after a slice of pizza.

There’s a decent offering of sourdough pizza choices on the menu. The base is light and crispy and doesn’t leave you with that ‘stuffed and can’t move’ feeling you often get after a pizza.

My partner and I both agreed that we will certainly return before the end of summer for round 2. Get down to PizzaLuxe before summer ends and try this perfect pairing for yourself!

You can find Pizzaluxe at Peterborough Extra services, junction 17 A1 Great North Road.

Kelly Jackson

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