Peterborough Cathedral’s band of volunteer tour guides are, like all of us, in isolation due to the outbreak of COVID-19. But, rather than resting on their laurels, they have enthusiastically taken up a new challenge.

They are busy writing a series of short blog posts to highlight their personal favourite stories from the Cathedral’s history.

What is it that fascinates or puzzles them? What have they discovered, and from who?

We will find out as the series unfolds.

The articles coming up include a spotlight on lions, as seen in the medieval windows at the upper level of the Cathedral, as well as an insight into the Cathedral’s library, bells and memorials.

St Peter’s Day service and reception at Peterborough Cathedral

Some of the lesser known people associated with the Cathedral will also come to light, including Henry Topcliffe, Peter Peckard and Queen Aelfthryth.

The first article in the series will focus on the clues which show where a Lady Chapel once stood (see photo).

For more information about how the Cathedral is working and worshipping differently during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit


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