TV celebrity Peter Andre attracted huge crowds at Queensgate.


We’re not sure whether it’s his new perfume or Peter Andre himself that’s the main thing on his fans’ Christmas wishlist but they came out in force to meet him at The Perfume Shop in Queensgate. ESP’s Rachael Clarke was at the front of the queue…

Entering Queensgate on that last Saturday in November, you could immediately tell something was different. Amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers were an orderly queue off hundreds of people (well, mostly ladies!) awaiting the imminent arrival of Peter Andre himself. Peter was coming to Peterborough to meet fans and promote his brand new ladies’ fragrance Gold.


Waiting in The Perfume Shop for him, we suddenly heard a wave of excitement from the crowd, and camera phones at the ready, everyone was taking photos. He had arrived! He swept into the store, looking casual in jeans and a black leather jacket and immediately said hello to everyone and shook hands with us all. The sign of a true gentlemen.


So Peter, what made you decide to branch into the perfume market?

“I used to work in a department store in Australia in the late 80s and my department was men’s aftershave. I used to say, one day I’m gonna have my own brand. As the years went on we released a men’s fragrance and a ladies and found that the ladies sold incredibly well and there was a high demand and so I continued with women’s fragrances.”

In the ESP office, we love the fragrance and already have a bottle… did you create it yourself and what attracted you to certain scents such as jasmine and vanilla?

“I’m really glad you like it. It smells great! I’m always involved in developing the fragrances from the beginning. I always want to make sure we get it right.”


And where did the name Gold originate from?

“It seemed to be the right name for the bottle and I think it looks great. It’s a lovely gift that looks great and is thoughtful, but most importantly you walk away smelling lovely. I would go for men’s fragrances next, so watch this space!”

What are your plans for 2018?

“Absolutely loads… Thankfully I am very busy in 2018 including new TV programs, touring in Europe and Australia and I have my first movie role to film which is super exciting.”


We then let Peter loose on his Peterborough fans, some who had queued for hours to make sure they met their idol.

From everyone at ESP, good luck Peter with your plans for 2018. Your perfume is certainly on our Christmas list!

Rachael Clarke

Photos: Chris Brudenell for ESP Magazine


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