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Taking part in this year’s Perkins Great Eastern Run? Here are five things ESP’s Mikey Clarke says you can look forward to…

On Sunday October 8 at 10.30am, thousands of people will start running the Perkins Great Eastern Run. It’s an event that will see participants of all levels – pro’s such as ESP’s action man, Darren Grigas and amateurs such as… well, me.


I’ve taken part numerous times in the past and can’t speak highly enough about it.

My articles on the run usually focus on reasons why you should enter. However, October 6 at noon is the cut-off point for entrants – yep, not long! Therefore, unless you’re considering the Anna’s Hope Fun Run, it’s likely to be too late for you to squeeze in enough training (depending on your current fitness level).

So… instead, here’s an article for those already signed up and ready to go. To get you hyped up for the big day, these are (in my opinion) the top five things to look forward to:

5) Achieving your personal best.

Thanks to the flat course, it’s more than realistic for you to beat your previous record.

4) The atmosphere.

At one stage during 2016’s run, more than 10,000 people were on The Embankment as runners crossed the finish line to cheers from a fantastic number of supporters and spectators. With free entertainment at the start and throughout, it’s quite the party.

3) You never know who or what you’ll see.

With so many people at the same location, you’re bound to bump into old friends. Also, many people have a little fun with the run and dress up – even more so with the Anna’s Hope Fun Run.

2) You’ll meet amazing locals.

The route is just about filled entirely with spectators ready to cheer you on (including the ESP team!). Without these people I could’ve given up on the run many times in previous years. No promises, but I’ve even known people to hand out sweets and drinks. And let’s not forget you – the amazing people that are likely running for a good cause – making a huge difference to numerous charities.

1) The feeling you get crossing that finish line.

You’ve spent months training and begrudgingly turned down cake at work. It all becomes worth it once you cross that line. The overwhelming sense of pride you get as that medal goes around your neck makes everything worthwhile.

Whatever you’re running for – whether it’s a personal challenge, for a good cause or both – the ESP team wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you there.

For more details on the Perkins Great Eastern Run, visit

Entries for 2018 open in March but you can register your interest from December.


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