It’s nearly here with stunts to blow your mind – don’t miss the Nitro Circus!

Direct from sell out shows across the globe, the world’s greatest action sports show – Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live – is heading to Peterborough Arena on Saturday July 2 as part of its first ever UK and Ireland outdoor stadium tour.


Peterborough fans will get to see the most explosive event in extreme sports and witness death-defying stunts, amazing tricks and unbelievable world firsts that have yet to be seen (even in competition).

Michael Porra, Nitro Circus CEO and creative director, told ESP – “We are so excited to bring the biggest, most daring action sports production ever staged to the UK and Ireland. Our insane group of athletes perform stunts that you literally cannot see anywhere else on the planet. We’re constantly pushing each other to break records and do things that people previously thought were physically impossible.”


Nitro’s cast of daredevils, the greatest action sports stars on the planet, will perform the most incredible choreographed riding routines ever in freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX, skate and much more. Highlights include the explosive ‘Nitro Bomb’ featuring all riders flipping simultaneously. Plus, during FMX trains, riders will slice through the air wheel-to-wheel, mere inches apart.

This will be one of the biggest entertainment productions ever to hit Peterborough!

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