As the dust settles and the hangovers have cleared after the city’s huge dance event – Mixology Warehouse – ESP’s Anna Ruggiero gets the feedback on how the night went…

So it goes without saying that having such an epic event such as Mixology Warehouse on our doorstep with the likes of Route 94 and Darius Syrossian spinning some tunes, was always going to be a banger and I couldn’t wait to catch up with the talented duo, organisers and DJs James Chan and Dan Clare to be nosey and find out what they really thought of the night.


James told me: “I was so excited to be part of the Mixology Warehouse event. It took a long time planning but it was totally worth it, the sound and light was on point and the atmosphere was awesome.

“I’ve been running Mixology events for over three years now and I used be part of a night called Reparte years back too and I have to say that I’ve never experienced anything as good as the warehouse event in my home town before and even the after party that we held was electric too.

“I really enjoyed everyone’s sets that I heard and I tried to listen to as many as I could both on the terrace and the main stage.

“I’d just like to say thanks to all that came and made it the magical night it was, as without them we wouldn’t be able to bring any of these artists and events to our relatively small city and also a big thanks to all those that helped out with the operational side of things, including all the top local DJs. Everyone that played totally smashed it and made it a really good event.”


So after the huge success of this event at Peterborough Arena, what more can we look forward to?

“We have spent the summer looking at future event ideas and we also have some great events coming up at our base – Red Room!

“We’ve been going for almost four years now and plan to expand, book bigger artists and host bigger events over the coming year!”

Dan added: “1700 people attended the event altogether and I don’t think people knew what to expect. The sound system, stage and production were on par, if not better, than many top festival stages. The music and DJs was spot on all night, and the hundreds of videos on social media the day afterwards proved that! I think Shazam got a beating that night.

“Even though the pictures captured some great moments, it was definitely a case of you had to be there!”

If you were there, check out the photos in the October issue’s Paparazzi and our facebook page.

ESP would like to say hats off to everyone that organised the event that totally showcased Peterborough as a musical hub and I guess all that’s left to say is… Watch this space.

Get connected – www.facebook.com/mixologyuk.

Anna Ruggiero

Photos: Mitch Brewster

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