ESP columnist Juggy would usually be out an about getting your thoughts on hot topics for his column #GettingJuggyWithIt – but for now he’s working from home and is musing on the myths behind meditation…

During this strange period we’re in all around the world there’s been a lot of speculation around mental health and how everyone’s coping in lockdown. Just one look on social media, you will see it’s filled with positive quotes, tips on being productive and most importantly how practising mindfulness, specifically meditation, can do wonders for any individual.

A lot of questions spring to my head – is this true? How do you get into the zone? What is so special about meditation? Are you sure it’s not a myth or some sort of trick? Lastly does it actually work?

Well the answer is simply yes and no. For some people that can adopt it, it really puts you in a place of calm, while for others it can be seen as an irrelevant waste of time or just too ‘hippie’.

It does take a while to create a space for it in your life and to stop feeling stupid about doing it!

However, when you reach the level of euphoria that you can get to occasionally where you have no thoughts passing through your mind, it makes it all worth it.

I don’t do it every day and nor do I feel guilty for that as I practice meditation around when it suits and benefits me.

So here are some common thoughts about meditation I’d like to bring some clarity to:

  1. Meditation is more efficient than therapy

  2. If everyone meditated the world would be a better place

  3. Meditation can only make you feel positive

  4. Meditation means you are a hippie, religious or spiritual

The answer to all these in my opinion is no – meditation works alongside therapy, the world needs different characters to function so all practising the same thing would be ineffective, depending on what mindset you’re in it can potentially make you dig deeper where you might not be ready to delve and it certainly doesn’t mean if you do it you equate to any of those labels.



Photos of Juggy: Chris Brudenell for ESP

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