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Lord Kitchener’s ‘Your Country Needs YOU’ poster is one of the iconic images from the First World War and now it’s become a tourist attraction!

The design has been turned into a giant maze carved from a 12 acre field of maize plants as part of the WWI centenary commemorations.


Lady Emma Kitchener, the great-great-niece of Lord Kitchener, accompanied by her husband Julian Fellowes, took a helicopter flight over the maze to view the image before landing to meet with representative from the Royal British Legion and officially opening the maze.

Says Lady Emma Kitchener – “My Great Great Uncle’s image has been used many times to commemorate the First World War, but seldom, if ever, in such an imaginative and all-encompassing way. I could not be more delighted.”


Edward Gowler from Skylark Garden Centre who was inspired by the Lord Kitchener poster design to create the maize maze said – “We create a maize maze each year with a different design and this year wanted to play our part in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Great War. Alfred Leete’s stylised depiction of Lord Kitchener lends itself perfectly to being cut out in a field of maize.

“It is fantastic to have a direct link to the past and we are honoured that Lady Emma Kitchener has agreed to perform the official opening.”

Another feature in the maze is what is believed to be the world’s biggest poppy planted from poppies. The giant poppy is 40m in diameter planted with over 60,000 Flanders poppies specially grown for the event, covering an area of 1300 square meters, the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Children from Thomas Eaton School in Wimblington helped plant some of the 60,000 poppies.

Skylark Maize Maze opens for visitors to explore on Saturday July 19.

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