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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

If you like a little history and heritage you can pay a visit to Peterborough’s historic Longthorpe Tower again this Saturday.

A team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers will be on hand to show visitors around the Tower at weekends, bringing the remarkable medieval wall paintings to life.

Longthorpe Tower will be opening its doors to the public again on Saturday July 10, after day to day management changes hands to Nene Park Trust.

Longthorpe Tower continues to be cared for by English Heritage, but the day to day management of visits to Longthorpe Tower has changed hands from Vivacity to Nene Park Trust, ensuring access to this important historical site for Peterborough remains open for all.

Hannah Keeley, Project Development Officer (Communities) at Nene Park Trust said, “We are delighted to take on responsibility for Longthorpe Tower and are excited to be opening this fantastic building to the public again with the support of dedicated and passionate volunteers.

"he property is unique and an amazing insight into the history of medieval Peterborough and we can’t wait for our first visitors.”

If you fancy taking a look you can book online for a 1-hour visit to the Tower on a Saturday or a Sunday 10am-4.30pm throughout the summer and until the end of October.

Please visit the Nene Park website to find out more

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