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Fellow fans of Peterborough United couldn’t help but be excited when we heard one of our own was heading into the jungle… Jimmy Bullard, midfielder for POSH and fans favourite from 2001-2003, and best known for being the joker of every football dressing room.

Before the show he was already the bookies’ favourite to win the series, with thousands taking to Twitter to show their support for the lad of football. 40 minutes before the show began, and there’s his name trending again on the social media site. #JungleJim will surely be a regular sight over the next few weeks.

So, did he live up to all the hype in the first show of the series on Sunday night?

Jimmy was joined by a number of other celebs down under, including TOWIE leading lady Gemma Collins, newsreader Michael Burke, and that guy from Coronation Street. I wonder if they knew what they were letting themselves in for as they were introduced to our Jimmy?

In the opening minutes, Jimmy tells us he’s scared of snakes, spiders, the lot! Come on Jim, I’m sure it’s no worse than a dressing down from Barry Fry? At least he’s not as bad as Gemma Collins though, who wouldn’t even get in the helicopter to reach the camp. I’m sure the British public has one hand on the phone ready to vote her in to do all those grisly tasks after that mini meltdown!


The ten celebs were split into two teams, with Jimmy’s lot getting one more night of luxury, whilst the others were sent to Jungle Prison. But there was a catch, with his team later put on a mission to rescue them… Jimmy soon found his hand in a tank of eels, crabs and baby crocodiles – requiring more nerves of steel than taking A penalty at the London Road end.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Jimmy had been voted to do tomorrow night’s Bushtucker trial – the tunnel of terror! He didn’t seem too happy about it (the F word was definitely mentioned), but then again, who would be?!

Overall, a much better way to spend a Sunday night than the X Factor results show… Jimmy has got potential to make this series one of the best yet. I’ll definitely be tuning in again next week – and if I was a betting man, my last tenner would be on him to be crowned King of the Jungle.

Mikey Clarke

Photos: I’m A Celebrity/ITV,


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