It’s time to celebrate a decade of dance on Sunday April 16 as House Proud celebrates its 10th anniversary in Peterborough.

Stand by for more great tunes from 5pm – 4am on the SolGarden terrace at the Solstice with DJs Alex Arnout, Citizenn, Russell James, Drew Tilney, Martin Smith and Luke Wheeler will play out to a crowd of 800 party goers on the SolGarden terrace which will be streamed live across the Decoded Magazine network.


ESP: What’s been the music criteria for House Proud and has that changed over the last 10 years?

RJ: “The music criteria’s always been fairly open which has allowed us to be flexible with DJ bookings, this has really been demonstrated over the past few years on the SolGarden terrace with our marathon 14 hour events. You’ll find a common theme of house and techno but we tend not to pigeonhole the event with any sub genres, for us it’s all about creating a community where people can be themselves and get lost in the music.”

What have been your highlights?

“Securing a new venue with a week to go for our launch party has to be up there as who knows what would’ve happened if we didn’t manage that? Taking over Sankeys in Manchester the year they won club of the year was a great achievement as it’s one of those iconic clubs that you dream of being associated with. Another massive highlight for us was moving to the terrace as it allowed us to add another 7 hours to our event and include so many more talented artists, we were able to dance in the sun and under the stars all at the same event.


“Other highlights include bringing DC10 resident Clive Henry to the terrace, having house music legend Harry Romero headline for us, working with Decoded Magazine, hosting events in various cities across the UK, having people who were at the first event still involved at the events.”

What does the future hold for House Proud?

“We don’t want too give to much away at this stage as we’re in talks with the venue about some great projects but we will continue to give people a place where they can come together whilst supporting local artists.”

What are your top 5 House Proud tracks and why?

“There have been so many great tracks played at the events but some of the stand out moments for us but these have been some of our favourites:

Cassius – Sound of Violence (Narcotic Thrust Remix)

“This was played on the terrace as the sun was setting behind the buildings and was perfectly timed as the lyrics bellowed out ‘when the sun goes down’.”

Aly Us – Follow Me

“This has a beautiful intro, the whole terrace put their hands in the air, cheered and then proceeded to sing the whole track word for word whilst dancing.”

Soul Central – Strings for Life

“This is one of those tracks that seems to have stood the test of time and it doesn’t matter if you know your history of house music or you’re new to the scene this is a track that always gets a great reaction on the dance floor.”

Bel Amour – Bel Amour

“This is one of the best crossover tracks from the French house movement and we have fond memories of the crowd trying to hit the high notes of the vocal hook.”

Floor Plan – Never Grow Old

“This track was a turning point at one of our events as one DJ handed over to another the energy of the dance floor was incredible, smiles on everyone’s faces, people’s arms in the air or round the person next to them and when the track kicked in the room literally exploded.”


“More acts are being introduced to Peterborough with The Solstice now offering an 800 capacity terrace space, the artists they have lined up are excellent and the plans they have will keep driving the scene forwards.

“The team at Mixology are celebrating their 5th birthday this year, the lineup they’ve produced including a warehouse event have been world class and they should be applauded for their efforts and the contribution they’ve made to the music scene here.”

So go celebrate with House Proud at the big party and then make a return visit to their second event of the month on Sunday April 30 which will see a very special guest joining the residents. Advanced tickets will be available on Resident Advisor.

Photos: Stuart Deadman Photography

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