Gravity Fields Festival events in Stamford are just days away as part of this year’s fantastic science, heritage and arts showcase celebrating the life and legacy of arguably the world’s greatest ever scientist, Sir Isaac Newton.

Stamford Arts Centre plays host to six events from the serious, creative and downright funny – part of a wonderful five days of 120-plus events from Colsterworth and Woolsthorpe Manor to the festival focus in Grantham.

Arts Centre shows start with the Science Museum’s Greatest Hits at 7pm on Wednesday September 24, with their favourite science demos packed into a single exhilarating show.


The exhilarating show from Scottish Wee Stories Theatre Company brings the whole universe into a theatre and was highly acclaimed at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

On Friday September 26 is a special screening of the blockbuster Gravity at 7pm, complete with its stunning special effects.

The songs and silliness of Voice of an Angle, Helen Arney, feature at 5pm on Saturday September 27. Her musical comedy show about maths, graphs and Archimedes’ baths comes direct from one third of the award-winning Festival of the Spoken Nerd cast.


Later on Saturday at 8pm is Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking, the genius joke and song-filled lecture complete with the coolest moustache in science.

Stamford’s events close with the fun packed Science Made Simple ‘Bubbles and Balloons’, ideal for children aged five to 11 on Sunday September 28 at 3pm. Enjoy popping and wafting with giant bubbles and whizzing balloons.

Woolsthorpe Manor, Newton’s birthplace, also stages a full range of festival fringe events, including walks ‘In Newton’s Footsteps’, book signings and entertainment.

In Colsterworth Church, where Newton’s mother is buried, see the haunting Ophelia’s Ghost digital installation based on Shakespeare’s tragic character from 10am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For tickets visit or call the Stamford Box Office on 01780 763203 for all event bookings

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