I’m a Bronze Age Person, Get Me Out of Here!

Do you reckon you could  live without your mobile, television or the internet for a week? That’s what a group of brave living history enthusiasts will be doing for six days, and you’re invited to witness their challenge!

From Tuesday May 28 – Sunday June 2 Flag Fen Archaeology Park’s team of historians will be living in a roundhouse, cooking over an open fire-pit and making everything by hand in a historical experiment to discover how communities used to live 3,500 years ago.

They will also be set daily challenges involving different ancient crafts and technology, such as casting bronze swords and making prehistoric clothes.

Flag Fen will be opening its doors for the duration of the experiment, providing a fascinating opportunity for visitors to come and see how the group are surviving. You can even assist them in some of their set tasks!

Stuart Orme, Heritage Interpretation Manager at Vivacity, told ESP –  “Whilst we won’t be having the Flag Fen equivalent of ‘Bush Tucker Trials’, this will be a great way for our visitors to find out more about how our distant ancestors might have lived during the Bronze Age and it’s a fascinating piece of experimental archaeology.”

Opening times are 10am-5pm. Prices are £6 for adults, £4 for children, £15 for families and under 5s are FREE. Heritage Pass Holders can enter for FREE.

For more information, call 01733 313 414, email flag.fen@vivacity-peterborough.com or visit


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