Everyone’s favourite tank engine is off for repairs so bid him farewell in June before he leaves…

Thomas has been one of the main attractions at the Nene Valley Railway for the last ten years. During this time he’s worked very hard and is now becoming a bit tired, so he’s going to get a check-up at the Locomotive hospital followed by a good long holiday.


Thomas will be doing the very important job of pulling carriages full of his friends to Yarwell and back at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm and between these times he’ll be chuffing around the Wansford yard.

The first of Thomas’ bigger friends will leave the main Wansford (Stibbington) station at 10am and then hourly to run the full 15 mile round trip to Peterborough.

If all this excitement wasn’t enough, some of Thomas’ other friends will be joining the fun, plus there’ll be tractor rides and fairground attractions at the Wansford station.

There’s no need to book just turn up on either day and there should be lots of room for everybody.

Note to parents… Thomas will be out of action for around 16 months while he is being overhauled. The overhaul is scheduled to start on the July 1 so the ‘Goodbye’ will be the last chance to see him for over a year.

Tel:01780 784444

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