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June is set to see the best Suffering Obstacle Race’s at Rockingham Castle yet, as 1,500+ runners from all over the country take part in these incredible courses.

The Suffering 5 is a 5km run with the emphasis on fun and great for those who love obstacles but like their races shorter or want to team build. The Suffering 10k event gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs out and get a few more obstacles in there too. Pain & Suffering 10 mile is a different beast and is designed to break anyone that attempts it.

The races are taking place on June 6-7 and offer the perfect opportunity to raise funds for your local charity whilst getting wet & muddy for fun along the way. Many fans of the race run for charity such as Mark Pittam who runs each race in aid of a Great Ormond Street Hospital and Sarah Newey runs in aid of Cancer Research in memory of her mother and grandmother.

By Anna Ruggiero

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