Chris Rock’s love letter to the world of Comedy.

Writer, Director, and star of Top Five – Chris Rock – brings the same energy and hilariously brutal honesty found in his stand-up routines to the big-screen.

Rock plays Andre Allen, a successful Adam Sandler-esque comedic star who is loved, but not particularly respected. He’s keen to promote his latest movie, a dramatic story about a Haitian slave uprising, but others seem keener to discuss his goofy role in ‘Hammy the Bear’ – where he plays a cop who just so happens to be a bear.


Whilst promoting his latest flick, Allen reluctantly accepts the offer to spend a full day being interviewed by a journalist (Rosario Dawson). Their intense chat (whilst walking the New York City streets) forces him to take a hard look at his life, career, and even his questionable relationship with a Kardashian-esque reality TV star (Gabrielle Union). As the interview unfolds, so does a bond between them that goes beyond the constraints of a professional relationship.

Top Five is a big leap forward for Rock. It feels more honest and real than anything he’s done before. I’m glad he waited until his late-forties before making it, as many of the hilarious situations could only have been written through life experience.

What works best is the onscreen chemistry between Rock and Dawson. They send sparks flying in every direction with his typically high energy persona, whilst she keeps the story grounded with her calm and graceful ways. It works.

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Mikey Clarke

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cast: Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union, J.B. Smoove, Leslie Jones, Cedric The Entertainer, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, Romany Malco & a LOT of celebrity cameos

Running Time: 1hr 41mins

Written/Directed by: Chris Rock

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