Dark Waters is just the job as an interestingly factual corporate drama – but never really pulls enough on the ‘heart strings’ to provide much more than that.

Mark ‘Hulk’ Ruffalo stars as Cincinnati-based defence attorney Robert Bilott in this based-on-true-events film, who takes on an environmental lawsuit against a prestigious chemical company, and exposes a lengthy history of pollution after investigating a number of unexplained incidents in West Virginia – linked to the dumping of toxic waste.

Bill Camp (left) as ‘Wilbur Tennant’ and Mark Ruffalo (right) as ‘Robert Bilott’ in director Todd Haynes’ DARK WATERS, a Focus Features release. Credit : Mary Cybulski / Focus Features

With the support of his loving wife (Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway) and boss (Oscar-winner Tim Robbins) he battles for years to unearth atrocities on an unimaginable scale in the local community – which sees issues such as birth defects and eventually deaths, being a direct result of negligence by corporate giant Dupont.

This all adds up to a fascinating – and sometimes emotional – ride, that delivers to a point, despite having that something missing.

But as a biographical drama the disturbing murkiness runs tragically deep – and is still well worth a paddle if this is your type of thing.

ESP Rating: 3/5

Gavin Miller

Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Bill Pullman, Victor Garber, Bill Camp, Mare Winningham & Tim Robbins

Running Time: 2 Hrs 6 Mins

Director: Todd Haynes

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