Vin Diesel has headlined character-driven movies with varying results – but sadly this comes towards the bottom rungs of his movie CV ladder.

From Dom Toretto to Riddick, and from Xander Cage to The Last Witch Hunter, the man who first came to prominence as a rookie actor in Saving Private Ryan has arguably had more hits than misses – at the box-office at least – but it’s probably fair to say that this won’t be one of them.

And to be fair it does have its moments – as a standalone you’d class it as a ‘watchable’ actioner – but there’s nothing we sadly haven’t seen before.

Diesel stars as little-known – outside of hardcore ‘fanboys’ of course – Valiant Comics-based super-hero Ray ‘Bloodshot’ Garrison. He plays the recently-slain ex-US marine who is re-animated with advanced ‘nanite technology’ superpowers by Guy Pearce’s (Iron Man 3) Dr Emil Harting, who specialises in cybernetic enhancement development.

This comes about after Garrison and his wife Gina (Talulah Riley) are killed by Toby Kebbell’s (Fantastic Four) nutty mercenary Martin Axe – but soon it becomes clear that there’s more to this than meets the eye as he goes on a vengeful rampage.

But when Harting’s assistant KT (Baby Driver’s Eiza Gonzalez) takes a shine to him, and they cross paths with Lamorne Morris’ (British star of the movie Game Night) tech nerd Wilfred Wigans – who is the best thing about the film by a ‘country mile’ with his fair share of comedic quips – Garrison soon realises that we he thinks is ‘reality’ quickly becomes ‘blurred’.

And even though Diesel struggles to differentiate this character particularly from the rest of them, there’s a few decent action scenes and twists and turns that would keep most action fans happy for a couple of hours.

So this is worth putting in your ‘cross hairs’ if this type of thing is your bag – but if not this generic fare really isn’t worth much of a shot.

As compared to the Fast and Furious saga this just doesn’t have enough Diesel power – and it’s left to Wigans to ride it to the finish.

ESP Rating: 2.5/5

Gavin Miller

Cast: Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez, Guy Pearce, Lamorne Morris, Toby Kebbell, Sam Heughan, Alex Hernandez, Talulah Riley & Johannes Haukur Johannesson

Running Time: 1 Hr 49 Mins

Director: Dave Wilson

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