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Works to Queensgate’s much-anticipated £60m extension begin on Monday March 9.

The 10-screen Empire cinema, new restaurants and stores will open in late 2021, bringing a new and exciting entertainment offering to Peterborough City Centre.

In preparation for the works, some of the bus services are being relocated to Acland Street, which is currently undergoing construction to create a temporary facility for bus users. On the evening of Sunday March 8, bays 10a to 20 will close and some services relocated to Acland Street and operational from the morning of Monday March 9. The substitute bus bays are 150 metres away (approximately a four-minute walk).

From early March, you’ll see an increase in activity with cranes, heavy plant and construction personnel working to complete the exciting extension. Shops and trading will be unaffected.

The temporary bus station on Acland Street will have directions for people to and from the current bus station, a safe traffic light crossing route on Westgate Road, additional CCTV and lighting as well as a weatherproof bus shelter.

The West side of the bus station will remain open for services 1, 2, 3, and 5.

The East side of the bus station, which will be closed and replaced by Acland Street temporary bus station will house services 4, 6, Busway B, 23, 24, 31, 33, 36, 37, 46, 60, 61, 62 and 63.

A pop up information stand will be in the bus station from February 20 for four weeks to help with Stagecoach bus information. Stagecoach will be hosting a public event in Queensgate on February 20 giving out information on bus times.

Councillor Peter Hiller, cabinet member for strategic planning, commercial strategy and investment at Peterborough City Council, said: “The city council will continue to support Queensgate and all partners involved in the relocation, to ensure the temporary bus station is fit for purpose and those who use it are properly informed of the changes.

“Investment in our city centre is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and our city centre is thriving – the addition of an Empire Cinema and food court is just the latest proof that the time really is now for Peterborough.”

The start of the creation of the Empire cinema and new restaurants coincides with the completion of the John Lewis & Partners £21m investment in its Queensgate store. The refurbishment includes an overhaul and reconfiguration of the entire shop with improvements being made to all departments alongside the addition of exciting new features.

A questions and answers page about the bus station redirection has been created and can be found at under the ‘extension’ section and can also be collected in hard copy from the Customer Information Desk.

Further information about the opening will be released soon.


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