Ground-breaking exhibition DS THE BIG PICTURE is launched in the city.

A new exhibition aimed at improving understanding and raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome with some unique artwork has opened at Peterborough Garden Park in Eye.

Using a variety of techniques, local photographer Terry Harris, whose daughter lucy has Down’s Sydrome, has mounted an exhibition of mosaic portraits made from comments, information and facts from people with Down’s Syndrome and their family and friends from all over the world. The exhibition also features a large number of photos that those same people uploaded when they submitted their comments.


This exhibition aims to help everyone, from new parents to people who just want a better understanding of Down’s Syndrome: an understanding built on fact and not misconceptions. Another key component of the campaign is to educate society as a whole and to correct dated and negative stereotypes of people with DS.

Peterborough Area Down’s Syndrome Group’s DS the BIG picture’s recent VIP Launch was a success and enjoyed by over 35 families from as far away as Brighton.


The event was in preparation for the official launch taking place on Thursday March 21 at 1.45pm and coincides with UN – Recognized World Down Syndrome Day. Special guests Singing Hands, from Mr Tumble fame, entertained for over 45 minutes with many favorite songs sung and signed to the children.

DS THE BIG PICTURE coincides with the UN-recognised World Down Syndrome Day 2013 on March 21 and the exhibition runs from then until May 2013 at the Peterborough Garden Park in Eye, Peterborough. The official opening will be conducted by the Mayor of Peterborough at 2.45 pm.

The exhibition is supported by an official website www.dsthebigpicture.com which will include full HD video and pictures with an interactive gallery to spread the message around the world, allowing overseas visitors to view and leave messages.

Celebrities and Sports personalities from around the country have helped raise awareness by holding up a photo to highlight the Exhibition. Down’s Syndrome is a life-long genetic condition from conception caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in a baby’s cells.

All people with Down’s Syndrome will have some degree of learning disability, but many will go on to lead full and semi-independent lives. Peterborough Area Down’s Syndrome Group is a UK-based charity whose members are committed to ensuring quality of life for all people with Down’s Syndrome.

Photos: Terry Harris

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