ESP’s Mikey Clarke caught up with Andrea Faustini about X Factor, his new album and, erm… a gynaecologist!

We all remember Andrea Faustini from last year’s X Factor who auditioned in that famous pug jumper and came third in the popular television show.


Regarding the tour, Andrea said, “It was so crazy – I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it was. The crowds at every single venue were so good, and all the contestants got really close to each other, even more so than during the show. I’ve made so many close friends and we are all trying to stay in touch now with group chats on WhatsApp – which are often hilarious.”

I wondered if the singer’s life had changed much since the X Factor. “It has completely changed,” he said. “Before the show I was a student and this time one year ago I remember I was studying for a Chinese exam – and now I’m releasing my own music. I get recognised constantly as well. I went with a friend to a gynaecologist office and someone recognised me there – which was strange! But I don’t feel like I’ve changed much as a person from when I left Italy. But hopefully I’ve grown as both a person and a singer, which makes me happy.”


On the album, Andrea explained, “I’m so happy with it. It’s just what I wanted it to be. I’d describe it as a pop album with RnB and gospel influences. This is the sound I wanted to create – something gospel inspired with a modern day twist.”

So, is the popular pug fan mixing with the celebrities these days? “I’ve met some amazing people since the X Factor – most memorably Jessie J, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. They are all my idols and they were all so nice. It was so strange to me that they recognised me and knew who I was.”

Andrea has been in the UK for quite a while now. I wondered if he saw our country as home. “It is and has always been my second home,” he said. “Not that I got to see much of the UK whilst shooting X Factor. We were living in London, but I could have been anywhere as we literally only saw the house and the studios. But now I’m living here properly, meeting people and going to different sites and hanging out – it definitely feels like home.”

It’s an exciting time for the singer. What does the future hold for him? He told me, “My aim for the next year is to hopefully continue to be an artist. It’s a great honour to be able to do this and I want it to last for as long as possible. So, fingers crossed!”

His first single Give a Little Love, out now, his album Kelly will be released on July 17. For the most up to date information on Andrea Faustini, follow him on Twitter – @AndreaFaustini1.

Mikey Clarke

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