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Queensgate Shopping Centre is set to hold its popular EnAbled shopping event on Friday December 7 from 4pm-8pm.

First launched in 2017, this will be Queensgate’s second EnAbled event and this year, guests will be able to enjoy the evening while the centre has its Christmas decorations on in full display. Following its success last year, Queensgate’s EnAbled event will once again follow a similar format, providing a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment for disability groups, carers and individuals with specific needs, of all ages and abilities.

Environmental Manager at Queensgate, Carol Wakelin, said: “Our first EnAbled shopping event last year was such a success, we can’t wait to do it again. Here at Queensgate we recognise that there is a very important section of our community that finds shopping in a busy centre daunting. That’s why we launched our EnAbled event last year – to empower these people to come along, be a part of our community.”

Low-volume soothing music will play throughout the centre, the lights will be dimmed throughout the evening, and the tannoy system will be turned off. There’ll be ‘quiet zones’ manned by friendly staff, sensory areas and even a dog station for guide dogs.

Queensgate’s friendly, trained staff will wear easily identifiable clothing, and will be on hand to answer all your questions. Expect to see greetings stations with free refreshments throughout the centre, where shoppers can get information about the evening as well as exclusive discounts and pictorial mall guides.

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