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It’s been great to see the community spirit which has come out of the pandemic and a Peterborough charity’s had some welcome support.

Queensgate Shopping Centre and their Marks & Spencer store has gifted packages containing a variety of donations to support local Little Miracles charity.

The charity, which is based in Peterborough, works to support children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions. Queensgate’s Sensory Room, which is operated by Little Miracles, provides a peaceful sanctuary for those with disabilities to enjoy when they’re visiting the shopping centre.

Since June 2020, the team at Little Miracles have been delivering packages to families across Peterborough, and have so far completed over 1000 deliveries.

Queensgate’s Marks & Spencer store has been a huge help to the charity, donating weekly food packages to include in their deliveries.

“M&S have been a massive support by providing us with food each week, that we are able to collect and distribute to families. We’d like to say a huge thank you to M&S at Queensgate for their contributions,” said Emily Sibthorpe at Little Miracles.

In addition to the gifted food items from Marks & Spencer, Little Miracles have also received £500 worth of donated gifts from the team at Queensgate Shopping Centre, to be used as prizes in fundraising raffles.

Environmental Manager for Queensgate Shopping Centre, Carole Wakelin, commented: “It’s fantastic to see everyone coming together to continue the support of one of our local charities. The work that Little Miracles do is fantastic, and their Sensory Room at our shopping centre is loved by so many of our visitors.”

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