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Children’s charity Action Medical Research will be raising funds and showcasing their vital research at the DS THE BIG PICTURE exhibition in Peterborough, on Saturday April 27 from 10am.

Terry, Karen, Luke, & Lucy Harris who has Down Syndrome (DS), are behind the exhibition which aims to help everyone, from new parents to people who just want a better understanding of Down syndrome: an understanding built on fact and not misconceptions.

Action Medical Research is currently supporting work around Down Syndrome; into a breathing disorder called obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Around 750 babies each year are born with Down Syndrome in the UK, the majority of whom may also suffer OSA.


A child with OSA will stop breathing for a few seconds at a time during their sleep. If untreated, these children may fail to grow as quickly as expected. It also affects their ability to pay attention, their learning, behaviour and school performance. OSA can also put extra strain on the hearts of children with Down Syndrome, around half of whom are born with heart problems.

Using a variety of techniques, the exhibition of mosaic portraits is made from comments, information and facts from people with Down Syndrome and their family and friends all over the world.  Celebrities and sports personalities, including Kerry Katona, Delia Smith, Tony Hadley, Sheila Hancock, Ben Fogle, Tom Daley and Sir Ian Botham, have also helped raise awareness by holding up a photo to highlight the Exhibition.


Terry says – “The BIG PICTURE is our way of sharing our experiences and letting every family around the world touched by Down Syndrome share theirs. I welcome Action Medical Research to the exhibition and I hope you will show your support for the charity and for all those affected by Down Syndrome by visiting the exhibition on Saturday April 27. As Lucy had OSA and was diagnosed fairly early this research is vital and worthwhile to help improving the lives of children with both Down’s Syndrome and OSA.”

The Exhibition at Peterborough Garden Park in Eye runs until May. For more information visit the website at:

More information on Action Medical Research and the research they are funding into OSA in children with Down syndrome at:

Photos: Terry Harris

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