A breathtaking love affair, a scheme to drain the Fens and then the discovery of a mysterious body… sounds intriguing! And the fact it’s being staged at Flag Fen adds to the atmosphere.

Eastern Angles are set to unveil their enthralling and evocative new theatre production Dark Earth to Peterborough which opens this Thursday (September 12). It’s produced by a professional creative team and the cast will be made up of local performers including members of Peterborough MASK Theatre, local schools and other community organisations. It’s being staged in a special covered auditorium with full stage, lighting, sound and tiered seating in the grounds of the historic Flag Fen Archaeology Park.

Using live music, puppetry and atmospheric theatre design this unmissable production will show how Dutch incomers and local farmers transformed the 17th Century Fenlands. It sets parents against children, priest against churchgoers, landlords against tenants and engineers against eel-trappers!

You can catch Dark Earth at Flag Fen Archaeology Park from September 12 – 15 & 19 – 22 and tickets range from £8 -£12.

Box Office: 01473 211498 or www.easternangles.co.uk

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