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Peterborough is the first city in the UK to have its own plan for schools to follow to become greener.

The independent charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is leading the way nationally, with its new modified Eco Framework for Peterborough’s schools.

Schools will gain accreditation in 10 areas and once they qualify they can proudly display the new Eco flag as proof of their green credentials – designed by pupils themselves.


The pupils of Peterborough entered a competition to help design the Eco flag (above) which has now been unveiled and will be flown at schools throughout the city, to celebrate the students’ environmental achievements.

It’s hoped that other schools will follow in the footsteps of, Hampton Hargate, Wittering, Braybrook and Woodston Primaries which have already qualified for certificates as part of the scheme.

The aim of PECT’s Eco Framework is for schools to teach pupils how to ‘think green’ and inspire the next generation of forward thinking students.

For more information about the Peterborough Eco Framework email or visit

 Charlotte Bowen


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