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The City of Peterborough Academy has become the first school in the country to sign up for a new YMCA mental wellbeing app.

YMCA Trinity Group and Thrive’s Feel Stress Free is a clinically-proven mobile app designed to support student and staff wellbeing.

Following a successful trial period across the region, the City of Peterborough Academy is the first school in the country to begin using Feel Stress Free for all of its staff and students; a NHS approved mobile app with the capability to empower people across the region to take control of their wellbeing.

Offered across Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Suffolk, Feel Stress Free is a key part of YMCA Trinity Group’s range of mental health intervention services offered to schools.

The app uses a number of clinically proven techniques to assess users’ overall wellbeing and provides support tools and strategies in an engaging, entertaining format. The app already has over one million users globally and the YMCA and Thrive partnership is enabling schools to join this community from just £2 per user per year – a fraction of the open market cost.

It consists of a number of games and activities to assess users’ wellbeing and provides strategies and exercises to build their resilience. The app also detects users who need some additional support and signposts them to the relevant channels.

As one of seven schools in the region now using the app, the City of Peterborough Academy will make Feel Stress Free available to all of its 900 students and 100 staff.

Sophie Ellwood-Jeal, Assistant Principal at the City of Peterborough Academy commented: “We’re delighted to be one of the first to use Feel Stress Free and we can’t wait to see the benefits it will bring to our students and teachers.The social media world we now live in means that they are under more pressure than ever, but the app is all about building young people’s resilience to enable them to live happier, stress free lives – our aim is always to help our students and teachers to do that.”

Ryan Armes, Project Manager at YMCA Trinity Group added: “We know that there is a huge need in our region for mental health and wellbeing services. Interest in Feel Stress Free has been great so far, and we’re delighted that the City of Peterborough Academy is taking the step to empower all of its students and staff to take control of their personal wellbeing.”

Simon Jay, Business Partnership Manager at Thrive said: “We’re delighted to have made Feel Stress Free available to schools and hope that the City of Peterborough will find it immensely useful for the students and teachers. We have a lot of experience working with young people through partnerships across a range of ages and sectors and we are confident that this tool will quickly become an integral part of the wellbeing offering available within schools.”

Alongside its use of Feel Stress Free, the City of Peterborough Academy has also taken up YMCA Trinity Group’s package of support which provides them with tailored data from the app as well as a YMCA counsellor to work with children that need extra support.

To find out more, schools should contact YMCA Trinity Group on 01733 373187 or

More information is also available on YMCA Trinity Group’s website:


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