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Three Peterborough charities will get the chance to ‘Pass Go’ and feature in a brand-new official MONOPOLY: Peterborough Edition game. The chosen charities will get to star on each of the game’s three Community Chest spaces.

"It's our way of thanking the public for getting behind the new and official MONOPOLY: Peterborough Edition game so very enthusiastically," says Yasmin East, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK, who are producing the board under license from Hasbro, a toy and game company.

Peterborough is getting its very own official version of the world’s most popular board game and local people were invited to send in general suggestions for local landmarks – such as the Cathedral and the football club – to feature in the game. Lines for these general suggestions have now closed.

To qualify for this latest opportunity and be in the running to be selected, the charities have to be Peterborough focused, as well as be official. You can nominate a charity and charities can nominate themselves.

Photo credit: Peterborough Positive

Yasmin adds: "We would like to formally thank each and every person who has sent in nominations, and, as our way of a thank you, three Peterborough charities will now get to star in the game.

“We feel that the charities getting to feature on the board’s three Community Chest spaces is a great fit, bearing in mind the ‘community’ aspect of these unique MONOPOLY features.”

In all, 30+ Peterborough landmarks and favourites will be showcased in the game. The new board will see the exclusively local landmarks replacing the likes of ‘Mayfair’ and ‘Park Lane’ from the classic MONOPOLY original, with the Chance and Community Chest cards bespoke too. One card could send players ‘Back 3 Spaces’ merely for visiting Cambridge, as several social media posts suggested!

“We have had some wonderful suggestions – and some very witty ones too! – for both the customised Chance and Community Chest cards to the multi-coloured spaces,” Yasmin told us.

Over the last 30 years, Winning Moves UK has produced official versions of MONOPOLY featuring locations across the world, from Palm Springs to Phuket and Dubai to Dublin.

Now, the MONOPOLY dice are rolling on Peterborough.

The game will hit the shops this October in time for Christmas 2024.

Charity nominations can be made via either the official Peterborough Monopoly Facebook page or to Suggestions are invited until 23.59pm on February 29, 2024. 

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