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Peterborough band Burning Codes continue their authority in the Indie music scene with latest album, Liberator, being launched on Friday August 31 at The Met Lounge in Peterborough.

The band’s announced a partnership with global sponsor Yousician, the education music App with over 8 million users. The coalition will feature two of the band’s album tracks on the App for users to learn and replicate on guitar, bass and other instruments.

“We are overwhelmed at the positive response from the Yousician team after I used the app to learn in the early days,” says bassist Karen Gadd. “It was a great start to the instrument, but there are many more skills to playing live that Burning Codes are sharing with Yousician members to get them out and about forming bands and getting gigs.” Burning Codes’ founder Paul Archer, with Simon Bailey and Lloyd ‘Lord Fuzzman’ on guitars and drummer Gary Must will all share their skills and wisdom to help upcoming artists.

Burning Codes is the project of talented songwriter and frontman Paul Archer, whose links with Snow Patrol and other well-known artists are well documented. He shared his excitement over the new Liberator sound – “This new album is truly unlike any other. It’s like a whole new evolution, explosion of creativity, synergy and expression, a new sense of purpose and dynamism. With liberation from the past and excitement for the future.

“The Yousician link up allows us to share this creativity with a huge audience who can share the Burning Codes ethos by entering into our songs themselves using the App. We are delighted to be part of this great musical opportunity.”

Known for his soaring vocal, Archer sees the most dynamic live Burning Codes performance to date, with preview gigs showing heavy emphasis on energy, driving rhythms and a wall of guitar sound.

“Live performances just get more and more liberated and we are blown away by how the audiences come on the journey with us and we all liberate one another. I find this whole new chapter profoundly powerful, liberating and it goes to the very epicentre of our ‘burning codes’ a.k.a. our passionate, unique and yet communal, hidden inner feelings, thoughts and messages,” Archer adds. “Our live performances confirm this more and more with every gig.”

To be a part of this amazing live performance launch event on Friday August 31 at The Met Lounge, tickets are just £4 and can be purchased here

Support bands include The Brays, FES and The Dan The D.

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