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With the news that Jon Bon Jovi is currently recording another album; Bon Giovi is ready and waiting to see what new songs they might be adding to their future set list.

Bon Giovi hits the Cresset in Bretton on May 27 to celebrate and perform as one of the world’s biggest selling bands in the world. Over 30 years after Bon Jovi’s first hit ‘Runaway’ was recorded, Bon Giovi prove a fitting tribute to one of the most successful American bands of all time.


Italian born Andrea Ojano might not be the first person you would expect to play Jon Bon Jovi; but his entire performance and ‘look’ is quite simply mesmerising.

Andrea says: “First and foremost, we all love sharing Bon Jovi’s music with fans. We take huge inspiration from the band’s massive live performances and there is no better feeling than bringing that same energy to our audience. Fans tell us after every concert that we are the best Bon Jovi tribute out there. We just can’t wait to get back on tour.”

Bon Giovi is the only UK tribute act asked to make a guest appearance on the New Jersey Tribute album ‘Garden State of Mind Vol 1’, a celebration of Bon Jovi’s music to date. Covering every aspect of Bon Jovi’s extensive career, Bon Giovi perform a huge range of songs from each Bon Jovi album including classic hits ‘Living on a Prayer’, ‘It’s My Life’, ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ as well as songs from every other album produced. Bon Giovi also perform rare material that even Bon Jovi haven’t performed in years.

Andrea talks about Bon Giovi’s longevity: “I think the main reason why Bon Giovi has done so well for so long is our attention to detail in terms of replicating the sound and looks of such an incredible band. Fans always tell us afterwards about the quality of our show and that is ultimately why we do what we do.”

Tickets for the Cresset show are  £20.50 from the Box Office: 01733 265705 or online at



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