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The Balderston crew really went to town on their launch of the BMW R 1200 GS when ESP’s Pep Cipriano and 149 other handpicked guests were invited to a secret night out…

We were treated to a nostalgic ride on one of Nene Valley’s finest steam trains to Wansford where the bike was stylishly unveiled on the platform.


The unveiling plans were a big secret and all we were told was to meet at the Orton Mere platform and wait for a train. For a minute I thought we were being sent to Germany to see the bike roll off the production line, but then I’d overheard head salesman TJ telling a colleague he was looking forward to a beer at The Plough in Farcet later that evening.


Still, the suspense was intense and the train journey teased us by first chuffing along to the city centre before turning around and heading for Wansford. We finally disembarked in darkness but for two flood light areas on the platform where the bikes were proudly sat in all their glory.


Another GS was parked up inside the station and they were officially unveiled by double Guinness World Record holders and directors of GlobeBusters Motorcycle Adventure tours, Kevin & Julia Sanders.



Top marks to the boys (and ladies) at Balderston for presenting the new GS in such an unusual and unique way. Up until then, my normal Friday night suspense would be waiting with anticipation for the meat counter guy in Morrisons to see how much he’d mark down the price of pre-cooked chicken.

I really enjoyed the experience – and the hot soup afterwards. You can check out the new GS (without the soup, but there’s tea / coffee and biscuits) at the Balderston showroom in Hampton.


The GS has always been a bike that’ll do it all. It’s go anywhere abilities combined with impressive performance has now been moved to a higher level.

With an 125bhp motor resting under your buttocks, the 1200 GS inspires confidence and plenty of rider assurance that it’ll tackle most situations you throw at it.

The biggest change comes in the engine, with the introduction for the first time of water-cooling. There’s also a new chassis, new bolt-on subframe, new styling, lots of new electronic systems, adjustable controls – including levers, seat, footrests and handlebars – along with some of the most advanced electronically controlled suspension available.

Find out more on or call 01733 565470.

Pep Cipriano

Photos: Chris Brudenell

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