ESP’s Wellbeing columnist Karen Devine says there’s a simple way to ease our stress and create calm. It’s time to ease back and ‘rock on’…

The rocking motion can help to switch our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) on, this is the system that is calming for our body, it relaxes blood vessels so allows blood to flow to support brain health and deliver more oxygen.

It improves nutrient delivery to the cells, aids digestion, reduces anxiety and stress levels and can help our sleep – we all need that at the moment that’s for sure!

Forget images of Gran and her knitting – using a rocking chair, hammock or garden swing can help with lowering stress hormones, switching off the sympathetic fight or flight system over to the PNS (the more calming side of our nervous system).

We naturally rock a baby to sleep without realising that we as adults have never grown out of the need and comfort the rocking motion can bring us. The calming, rhythmic motion of a swinging or rocking chair can benefit us all at any age, not just the elderly or young.

This simple motion can help release endorphins and other positive chemicals so why not invest in a new swing chair for the garden or a rocking chair for the house and enjoy its therapeutic benefits – bliss!

Karen Devine

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