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Next time you’e popping into the city you can pick up some good vibes as well as your shopping in Queensgate.

The Soul Happy wellbeing centre has extended its tenancy at Westgate Arcade following a successful trial trading period of three months.

The award-winning, non-profit wellbeing centre aims to help you be the best you can possibly be, by offering therapies designed to help you find safety; learn more about your potential; take control of your life; build resilience and reduce stress, anxiety or lack of motivation.

Kim Coley, Managing Director at Soul Happy, said: “We have settled in well – it’s been very popular. The feedback is that people have really enjoyed having something like this – many have said ‘this is just what Peterborough – and Westgate Arcade – needs!’. It just shows that if you can get the right balance of wellbeing and ethical options, it can be the perfect place to succeed. We are very much looking forward to the future; we want to build on this momentum and welcome any ethical and conscious souls to be part of our tribe.”

Queensgate’s Centre Director Mark Broadhead added: “We are delighted that Soul Happy is staying. Wellbeing is so important and it’s great to know people can come here to Westgate Arcade for a pick-me-up or some self-care when they need it. Westgate Arcade is renowned for its independent retailers selling unique and quirky products and services so it’s great to keep Soul Happy on board.”

The Westgate Arcade premises has become Soul Happy’s second home, from which it offers a range of products that tick certain ethical and wellbeing standards, from low waste or toxic-free to handmade plant-based and vegan items. The centre sells jewellery books, ceremonial cacao, art, crafts, rugs, bags, candles and more.

Soul Happy’s services are wide-ranging and include everything from aromatherapy massage, fitness training and counselling, to trauma recovery, reflexology and nutrition. It also offers workshops including meditation and mindfulness, cacao ceremonies, retreats, blessing ways, laughter sessions, pay-it-forward meetings, reiki courses, vegan food shares, sustainability meet-up groups and more.

On selected days you’ll even find drop-in pamper sessions including massages, reiki and Indian head massages, so you can continue to honour your wellbeing while going about your busy day.

Kim added: “Our vision continues – to work towards sustainable wellbeing, helping people be the best version of themselves, whilst creating a more conscious community within our city and beyond. We are helping good souls to revive, develop and grow and be more of the change that they want to see in the world; we are working together to help our people, our city and our planet.”

Soul Happy can also come into workplaces to offer its services to employees. Find out more about Soul Happy at


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