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It’s time to show your support for The Green Backyard in Peterborough and help this wonderful community project win a well deserved £10k solar power system.


The Green Backyard on Oundle Road was set up in 2009 and is run by local volunteers offering a much-needed green space in the city. The project’s ethos is to look for ways in which communities can support each other to be healthier, happier and more sustainable and they achieve this by running volunteer sessions, community events and workshops, and by working with schools, families and vulnerable groups. It’s a great place to get back to nature, learn the wonders of gardening and growing your own food, and other ‘back to basics’ skills and craftsmanship.


Now the site near Apex House is getting the recognition it deserves and has been shortlisted in the M&S Community Energy Awards 2015 with the chance to win a £10k solar power system.

As the site was a former allotment, it has no mains power and as a green sustainable space, it needs to stay that way.


To win a complete solar power system has endless possibilities for The Green Backyard. They can expand on the great work they’re doing and will be able to run their café serving up delicious food, making it the only off-grid, community owned eatery in Peterborough!

More people will be able to enjoy the site in the evenings and through the winter months and it will open up the chance for more valuable workshops helping people to gain helpful skills. In their own words: “In short, we’ll use it for everything!”

Results will be announced by the end of October so please show your support by visiting and vote for our fantastic community project so it can continue its beneficial work in our community.

Anna Ruggiero


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