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Whether a vegan for January or all year round, PizzaLuxe has a delicious range of vegan pizzas on offer for diners in Peterborough!

Trying Veganuary this new year? The new PizzaLuxe located in Peterborough Motorway Service Area, has a wide range of delicious vegan pizzas to banish the January blues.

The plant-based range at PizzaLuxe is a great place to start, for those that are new to the vegan lifestyle. The options include the Verdura, with cherry tomatoes, asparagus, artichoke heart, red onions and black olives, the Margherita, with cherry tomato, sun dried tomato, fresh basil and oregano and the Funghi, with flat mushroom, balsamic onions and flat-leaf parsley.

Whilst many more people adopt a plant-based lifestyle this month to support Veganuary, PizzaLuxe delivers delicious vegan pizzas all year round. As well as vegan food options, they also offer a great range of vegan wines including Ca’ di Ponti Catarratto, a dry, easy drinking white wine; Ancora Rosata, a ripe and spicy rose; and a smooth red in the form of Sanvigilio Merlot. As well as wines, there is even vegan champagne, so raise a glass to a healthy New Year!

PizzaLuxe creates fast, fresh and super thin pizzas, made without reliance on the Neapolitan tradition of pizzaiolo, instead creating unique Roman-style recipes using a combination of carefully sourced British and European produce.

Open daily from 11am, handmade thin-crust pizzas, aperitivo and fresh salads are available from breakfast through to late, alongside a made-to-order cocktail menu and full service bar.

Updates and specials can be found on the venue’s social media channels - @PizzaLuxe

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