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Turtle Bay in Peterborough is marking Bob Marley’s birthday by dedicating the whole month to the reggae legend who was born on February 6.

The Caribbean restaurant and bar is offering 241 on selected Marley-inspired cocktails in the week leading up to Bob Marley’s birthday. This special offer is available all day until February 6, which would have been Marley’s 73rd birthday. The cocktails include the Marley Mojito, Jammin’, Buffalo Soldier and One Love – each a tribute to Jamaica’s most celebrated musician.

The offer’s also being extended over Valentine’s, when, as well as offering a special four-course Valentine’s Menu, Turtle Bay will be hosting a No Woman/Man No Cry promotion for singletons! For all those bachelors and bachelorettes out there, tiring of relentless love hearts as Valentine’s arrives, Turtle Bay are offering a free cocktail to share with a friend, new date or just for themselves! 241 Marley Mojitos and One Love cocktails will be available with a special ‘singles only’ code that you can access via social media from February 7-17.

Turtle Bay’s rum-based cocktail menu is a blissful tribute to Caribbean drinking – with over 40 rums to choose from. All other cocktails are also 2-4-1 during happy hour every day (12-7pm and 10pm – close) as usual.

Marley Month is about more than free cocktails though, as Turtle Bay plan to honour Bob all month long with a range of tributes, all reflecting their commitment to music – a central part of the restaurant’s offer.

Their ‘Reggae 45’ Podcasts with reggae legend, Don Letts, will make a return as part of Marley Month, kicking off with a specialist edition devoted to Bob and featuring interviews with his friends, stories and of course, music. The new podcast is available from February 7 and downloadable from the Turtle Bay website.

New dedicated restaurant playlists will be launched, providing the perfect soundtrack to Marley Month, all played through Turtle Bay’s magnificent, state of the art sound systems. Fans of these carefully curated new playlists can access their favourite Turtle Bay songs on the restaurant’s Spotify page and take a bit of the Turtle Bay vibe with them.

Marley Month runs throughout February:

  1. 241 Marley Cocktails until February 6

  2. No Woman/Man No Cry 241 Offer: February 7 – 17

  3. Don Letts’ Bob Marley Podcast: Released Wednesday February 7 and available via Turtle Bay’s website –

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