There’s a slice of Raspberry Pi for everyone at local University!

Computer enthusiasts and those with an interest in new technology are invited to attend Peterborough’s very first Raspberry Pi event at University Centre Peterborough (UCP).

‘Raspberry Jams’ are events held around the world for enthusiasts of the Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer that plugs into a TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable and low-cost computer which can be used in electronics projects and games and provides high-definition graphics.

The event which will run on Saturday March 15 is the first of its kind to be held here in Peterborough, with the aim being to encourage people of any age to learn programming and develop their own projects using the Raspberry Pi.

It’s free to attend, but places are limited, so it is recommended to book ahead!

The morning session from 10am – 12 noon is open only to those under 16 and will focus on how to use a Raspberry Pi and programming. The afternoon session between 12 – 4pm will comprise of exhibitors, talks, lectures and is open to those of all ages. If you don’t already own a raspberry pi no need not worry as there will be a number available to use.

For more info contact Mike Mills on

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