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Peterborough venue wins three-year contract to host international cycling event…

The East of England Arena and Events Centre (EEAEC) has announced that Golazo Cycling Ltd – organiser of the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival, has committed to holding the international cycle racing and cycling event at the venue for the next three years.

This will start 1-3 June 2018, returning in 2019 and 2020.

The Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival, which attracts thousands of competitive cyclists and cycle enthusiasts from all over the world, forms part of a global calendar of 17 events where competitors qualify for world championship cycle races.


Malcolm Smith, managing director of Golazo Cycling, explained the decision to commit to the venue for three years, saying, “Organising the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival is an extremely complex operation, and this three year commitment to the East of England Arena and Events Centre provides us with specific certainties around the location and facilities to enable our planning to extend ahead to 2020. 

“We’ve held the festival at the arena for the last three years, and with each successive year we’ve discovered yet more features and facilities we can use to improve the next edition of the event.

“The ability to use the 5km internal road network and access gates to public roads simplifies the organisation of the road races and time trials, whilst the choice of suites and rooms around the whole venue means we are able to offer our control room, medical staff, the traffic management police, event commissars and even VIP ticket holders their own dedicated facilities with network connectivity. With more than 7000 entrants already registered for the Gran Fondo and Sportive event alone, meticulous planning, traffic management and medical provision is essential to the success of the event.”

Jason Lunn, the East of England Arena and Events Centre’s general manager welcomed Golazo Cycling’s decision, saying, “The Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival is a internationally significant event within the world of cycle racing and I think this commitment to hold the event here for the next three years is a great reflection on the capability and capacity of our venue, and an endorsement of the importance we place on the entire visitor experience. Having completed extensive refurbishments, we can now offer the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival a greater choice of facilities than ever before, and we’re looking forward to welcoming the many competitors and visitors back over the next three years.”


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