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Pirate food, espionage, medieval armour and Victorian exploration will all feature at Spalding’s splendid  Ayscoughfee Hall  this year with an invitation to young visitors to enjoy time  travel through  four  different periods of history.

The hall will  host  four  special days – organised with historical re-enactment group, Four and 20 Blackbirds –  for the Medieval, Elizabethan, Georgian and Victorian eras, starting this  month.

First stop for the Ayscoughfee Adventurers on their journey through the ages  will be the Medieval Knight School  on Sunday April 21 where students can safely practise their sword skills, engage in battle talk,  examine heraldry and conjure up crafts. There’ll also be a quiz to test your knight know-how.

Next up is Elizabethan Spies and Codes on Sunday May 19 where visitors can taste an array of New World food samples, pen some secret writing or crack codes in timely Tudor fashion.

The last two sessions are a virtual adventure out onto  the high seas with Georgian Pirates on Sunday June 16, providing  the challenge of a treasure hunt,  cannonball relays and a platter of pirate grub while on Sunday July 21, you can look back at the Victorian age of exploration.

There’ll also be an opportunity to live like a Tudor at a summer camp on August 3-4 in the grounds of the hall, a Grade I listed building , and you can collect your reward, presented by a Tudor celebrity. If you can’t make the Tudor camp, you’ll still be able to claim your prize.

To take part in the  Ayscoughfee Adventurers 2013 you need to buy a ‘pastport’ for £5  which  enables you  to take part in all of the activities throughout the  series. There’ll be  two sessions on  each day (11am – 1pm and 1.30- 3.30pm) and places are limited so you need to book in advance.

Each session will comprise of four  elements including a craft. A log of each must be ticked to complete the whole session. The recommended minimum age of participants is  six  years of age.

For more info, or to book your place please contact Ayscoughfee Hall Museum on 01775 764555, or

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