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ESP’s regular Peterborough United columnist Phil Adlam is back (online) with more news from The Posh…

2020. If only we’d seen the vision of what lay before us. Less than three months ago, I would’ve questioned if the word furlough even existed and Zoom just sounded like the opportunity to score mega points at Scrabble but here we are, relative experts in the field.

Football and sport in general is not at the forefront of anyone’s minds and to be honest, that is probably what you’d expect. Health should always come first. But what do you do if you are a player, a manager, an owner or an employee of a football club? Sit on your backside and wait it out? Or be pro-active and look to the future.

We have had numerous tweets from supporters wanting to know the latest, declaring their love for us on social media and yes, we miss you too. We are in the same boat, intently listening to the latest advice from the government about when we can get the season going again.

And that is definitely what we want to do at Peterborough United. We don’t want the league expunged and results declared null and void. There are enough clubs in this area, including our very own ladies team, that have been left heartbroken by the FA’s recent decision to wipe the results from the record with the girls sitting 13 points clear at the top of their division.

Yes, we are in a decent position in League One, but that is not the reason why we’re so passionately in favour of finishing the campaign when it is safe to do so. Everybody seems hung up about when next season should start. Frankly, who cares about next season.

You don’t download Tiger King from Netflix, watch half of the first episode and immediately want to leap to episode two. You want to see what happens, how it finishes, how many times Carole Baskin’s name is mentioned and when Joe will show off his singing prowess again.

I’ve been trying to keep football at the forefront of people’s minds with interviews with current and former players using the aforementioned Zoom. It is like Skype only with a cooler name. It’s been good to catch up with the lads, see how they’re coping and discussing just how far to the edge they got before they allowed their partners to cut their hair.

Interviews with Ryan Bennett, Dean Keates, Nathan Thompson, Mark Beevers, Darren Ferguson, George Boyd and co-owner Darragh MacAnthony are all available on the club’s You Tube channel alongside some classic matches from yesteryear.

To conclude, football will return. When? We don’t know. But I can assure you that everyone connected with Peterborough United is working very hard to ensure that when it is safe to do so, the club will still be there to compete. You can play your part if you can. We know that money is too tight to mention (name that song/artist) at present, but if you are able to, we really appreciate any support you can via season tickets or merchandise. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them at

Stay safe.

Phil Adlam


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