‘Steampunks’ invite you to experience the Victorian era and the age of steam!

Stamford Steampunks are gathering together at Nene Valley Railway in Wansford on May 10 and 11 to offer visitors a taste of the Victorian life.


Reflecting the latest fashion and cultural trend, the event offers a range of activities for families who are unfamiliar with Steampunk and the Victorians to enjoy –  market on a train,  tea duelling,  brolly fencing,  Victorian photography booth, a ghost story, raffle,  steampunk pets, hurdy gurdy,  WWI sing-along, roaming magicians and… corset limb!

Lorna Grace Vibert the organiser of the event said, “Victorian era, age of steam, Nene Valley Railway is the perfect venue for the whole family to enjoy – as well as Steampunks themselves.

“We welcome photographers especially as this is a beautiful venue to photograph unusual costumes and styles in a great setting. We’re raising money for NVR to renovate one of their buildings too.”

For more info visit the Facebook page:

It’s a free event, though platform ticket at Nene Valley Railway around £4 is required. Anyone who dresses up in Victorian or Steampunk clothing can get their ticket for £3 and enjoy the rest of the event for free.

Find out more about the Steampunk trend here…

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