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A Stamford teenager is now screening on Amazon Prime as the lead in a new time travelling, sci-fi, teen adventure series.

Stamford schoolgirl Brooke Flemming is only 14 years-old but secured the lead role in The Luna Squad against 5,000 other hopefuls who auditioned and the first series has just gone live.

Brooke stars alongside a group of other young actors in this exciting series which has also already spawned comic books and a single release!

“The mix of the personalities in the squad means everyone can connect to someone in the group,” Brooke told ESP.  “The style of the show is mysterious and exciting but with a bit of comedy too. I think it will appeal to a wide range of people. From the bits I have seen so far I think it will spark curiosity in people as they watch it as they try and work it all out.

“I love Ashley’s perseverance and resilience as she is willing to stand up to the unknown to fulfil her curiosity. I can’t wait to see how her character develops as the show progresses.”

If young people have felt the impact of lockdown restrictions this time travel adventure will certainly provide some escapism.

The Stamford teenager stars as budding explorer Ashley who finds a mysterious map inside an old comic following a breaking news story, reporting a UFO sighting.

She persuades her group of friends to join her on a hunt to find the crash site which then leads to them going back in time.

It’s the start of an adventure of a lifetime which sees the Luna Squad travel somewhere new in each episode.

The show’s director Leon Mitchell is formerly from Peterborough and the concept was created by Leon and the team at Cinalight Studios. Think the 1980’s blockbuster The Goonies.

Leon told ESP – “We are incredibly excited about this show, it captures the imagination and has a magical feel to it, the possibilities are endless.”

Production began in November 2019 in the UK with the full cast and handy work of Director of Photography James Ian Gray(Watchmen/Yesterday).

Producer Kinga Biskup says – “The show is full of twists and turns and you will fall in love with the characters, it’s the adventure every kid wants to go on, the cast were selected from over 5000.”

Brooke is studying drama and along with acting in the school productions she also has some experience of working on student films for university students. This is her biggest project so far and she’s been eagerly awaiting it airing on Amazon Prime.

The audition process was exciting and when I got the call from Leon Mitchell to say I had the part I was so happy. I am very grateful for the part and all of the opportunities I am getting from it. I am so pleased to have the lead role as there were so many talented people at the auditions.

 “I have always been more creative but it wasn’t until I moved up to high school that I started to pursue acting further and in a more professional way. I would love to have a career in acting so I started looking for opportunities. I went for the part hoping I would be involved in the show somehow and am I so pleased I did!

 “The best part has been spending time with the rest of the cast. All of the squad members get on so well which has made the whole experience even more exciting as we have so much fun together. I have made some great friends.”

In addition to the show, The Luna Squad youngsters also feature on the music release to major digital stores as a pop super group, a 2part cover comic and a number of UK appearances. The song ‘Starlight’ went into the iTunes top 100 global pop chart.

 “The single has been really fun to record,” says Brooke. “I can’t wait to get back with the rest of the squad to record some more. Before The Luna Squad I hadn’t really thought about working in music other than musical theatre style activities, as acting was my focus, but I am really enjoying it and the songs are really catchy! I think the new single will be a great addition to the show.”

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