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George Michael fans can relive the magic of his performances with a special concert heading to Peterborough Cathedral this summer.

Symphonix George on Friday July 5 will celebrate the timeless music of the legendary singer along with a live 30-piece orchestra, the dynamic Star People Band, and the exceptional talents of Andrew Browning as George Michael.

It will bring George Michael's iconic music to life through orchestral arrangements and the passionate performances of seasoned musicians.

Andrew Browning, renowned for his remarkable vocal range and captivating stage presence, will lead the concert. His heartfelt performances and ability to connect with the audience will pay a fitting tribute to George Michael, ensuring an evening filled with nostalgia and emotion.

Complementing the orchestral arrangements, the Star People Band will add their own dynamic energy, blending seamlessly with the 30-piece orchestra to bring George Michael's songs to new heights. Their orchestral interpretations will breathe new life into classic hits, creating a powerful and moving concert experience.

Tickets for Symphonix George are available now starting from £25. Secure your spot for an evening of musical brilliance and heartfelt tributes in the amazing setting of Peterborough Cathedral.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit:



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