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Twenty-four hours ago I’d have described Will Young simply as, “That guy who won Pop Idol in 2002.” If I were asked to describe him now, I’d tell you that he is an incredible and versatile performer.

After making his West End debut in Cabaret last year, the chart-topping singer was nominated for an Olivier Award for best actor in a musical. Having just seen him perform in that very show at the Broadway Theatre, I can see why.


Set in Germany in 1931, the show mainly focuses around the 19-year-old cabaret performer, Sally Bowles, and her romance with an American writer named Clive Bradshaw. But the joy of the first half turns much darker in the second as the rise of the Nazis affects the lives of these lovers and the people around them.

Will Young plays Emcee, the master of ceremonies at the Kit Kat Club in Berlin, who slips in and out of the scenes – narrating and building the story. And wow, what a story! I was blown away by the plot, choreography, dazzling costumes and songs such as Maybe This Time and Cabaret being performed by a live orchestra.


Moments to look out for include a well-performed six-in-a-bed musical scene — including a Giraffe — and a striking final tableau when the cast huddle together in the nude… Will Young included.

I entered Tthe Broadway this evening as a fan of theatre and my wife entered as a fan of  Will Young. Neither of us left disappointed. I’ve literally been less impressed by shows I’ve paid much more to see at the West End.

Cabaret is being performed at The Broadway in Peterborough until December 7. Tickets start from £25 to £45. You might just be lucky enough to get a ticket by calling the Box Office on 01733 822225.

Mikey Clarke


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